All In is a help quest in Hollywood U. This week's lesson is all about the business of Hollywood. Agents and students pair up and, by the end of the class, the agent will need to have acquired a client or they'll fail out.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 The Agent 1 hour $10
2 Ethan 2 hours $10
3 Speed Date


None 2 diamonds
4 A Movie Star besides the MC

A Director besides the MC

A Fashionista besides the MC

4 hours $10
5 The Agent 8 hours $10
6 Play Poker!*


None 3 diamonds
7 Level Ethan

Level The Agent

None $10*
8 Ethan

The Agent

12 hours 5 diamonds
  • Choose to "go all in" during the poker game when you spot Chris's tell to win money.
  • Once you identify Ethan's tell, chose the correct answer in part 7 to win an extra $5 during the negotiations.

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