Crash Landing is the second main story quest for Level 11 in Hollywood U. Bianca's causing trouble as usual, but the bigger trouble is that Crash has decided to quit stunts after his accident with the tank that almost cost you your movie! Maybe the problem is that Hollywood U doesn't even recognize stunt work as a worthwhile profession— maybe you and your entourage could see about fixing that?

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 18 Friends* None

1,833 XP

2 Have 1 Oak Tree None 1,833 XP


3 A Level 4+ Guy Agent Besides Ethan

A Level 4+ Girl Agent

7 hours 45 minutes 1,833 XP
4 Level 11+ Ethan 10 hours 30 mins* 1,833 XP

2 diamonds

5 $4000 None 1,833 XP
6 Level 18+ MC 12 hours 50 minutes 1,838 XP

5 diamonds

  • On part 1, there's an option to call Anders Stone for 10 diamonds, or to beg Bianca not to call her father with no cost.
  • On part 4, the bonus timer is set to 12 hours. "Collect" in time for extra 3 diamonds.

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