Crash and Burn is the main story quest for Level 9. With Lisa finally settled in at Hollywood U, it's time for the Main Character to begin work on 'Clash at Sunset'.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards

Level 4+ Lisa

Level 7+ Addison

4 hours

2,800 XP, $30

2 MC wearing a Girl Next Door Outfit or a Northern Exposure Outfit 5 hours* 2,800 XP, $30
3 Level 11+ MC

An Agent besides Ethan

8 hours and 30 minutes 2,800 XP, $30
4 Spend 2000 cash None 2,900 XP, 1 diamond
5 Have 3 Gas Lamps None 2,900 XP, 2 diamonds
6 Level 12+ MC, Anyone, Anyone 10 hours 2,900 XP, $30
7 Spend 3000 cash None 2,900 XP, 5 Diamonds

* There is a bonus timer on part 2. Return to collect the reward within 8 hours to receive $1000.

Previous Story Quest: Wild Night

Next Story Quest: Enemy Lines

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