DinnerParty Promo
Dinner Party is a premium date and your fourth available date with Thomas Hunt. Those who finished in the top ten percent in Hunt's class are invited to an end-of-term dinner party...and the MC is one of them!

Steps Edit

DinnerParty Promo-0
Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Preview!

215 diamonds

None None
2 Change MC's hairstyle

Change MC's outfit

None $525
3 MC 4 hours $650
4 MC 6 hours 3 diamonds
5 MC* 7 hours $750
6 MC 8 hours* 2 diamonds
  • In Part 5, MC has the option to either pay 20 diamonds to 'Read a little' of Hunt's journal, or 45 diamonds to 'Read it all'.
  • In Part 6, there's a bonus timer. Collect the quest in 10 hours to receive a bonus 3 diamonds.

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