Her Steel Heart is the first main story quest for Level 11 in Hollywood U. 'Clash at Sunset' is seriously suffering from Bianca's involvement, so Ethan and the Main Character turn to an old friend for help--Holly Chang.

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Level 16+ MC

Level 10+ Addison

Level 10+ Ethan

7 hours

30 minutes

1,571 XP

2 Spend 3500 cash

Have 1 Flower Box

None 1,571 XP
3 A Level 7+ Movie Star 8 hours

15 minutes

1,571 XP
4 A Level 6+ Make-Up Artist

A Wardrobe Designer

10 hours 45 minutes 1,571 XP
5 Anyone besides MC 12 hours 30 minutes* 1,571 XP
6 Provoke! None 1,571 XP
7 Level MC None 1,571 XP

* There is a bonus timer on part 5. Return within 8 hours to receive $2000.

Previous Story Quest: Enemy Lines

Next Story Quest: Crash Landing

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