Lisa's Video is the main story quest for level four. The time has come to create Lisa's music video!

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have 3 Friends at Level 3+ None 1,875 XP


2 Have Level 4+ MC

Have Level 4+ Ethan

None 1,875 XP

2 diamonds

3 Seal the Deal! None 1,875 XP


4 Have 1 Bush

Have 12 Marble Paths

None 1,875 XP


5 MC, Anyone wearing a Blouse of Cards Outfit

Anyone wearing a Wild Thing Outfit

30 minutes 1,875 XP


6 Spend 20 cash

Have 1 Balloons

None 1,875 XP

1 diamond

7 A Level 5+ Friend besides MC 45 minutes* 1,875 XP


8 Have a Director at Level 4+

Have a Movie Star at Level 4+

None 1,875 XP

5 diamonds

* There is a bonus timer on part 7. Return to collect the reward within 2 hours to receive $300.

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Next Story Quest: The Debut

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