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Exquisite. Daring. Everything I hoped it would be. We must put it in the next issue of the magazine.
—Marianne Delacroix, Addison Couture

Marianne Delacroix is mentioned off-screen in many quests, starting with In Vogue, but her first on-screen appearance is in the Thomas Hunt date Dinner Party.

Profile Edit

She's the editor-in-chief of Faux Pas magazine. She used to date Thomas Hunt before he became a professor.

Personality Edit

She is very hard to impress, according to Addison. She has exacting tastes and expects the best of the people around her.

Appearance Edit

Marianne has long red hair that covers her left shoulder. She is wearing the Sheer Talent outfit.

Relationships Edit

Lars Shroeder Edit

She is dating Lars, the Austrian supermodel. He stopped dating the princess of Monaco to date Marianne.

Addison Sinclair Edit

Addison is one of two interns fighting for a spot at a full-time job with Marianne.

Bianca Stone Edit

Bianca is the other intern fighting for a spot at a full-time job with Marianne, though she's clearly more focused on beating Addison than the job itself.

Thomas Hunt Edit

Thomas Hunt and Marianne used to date.

Quest Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bad fashion lines make her sick.
  • Her office is room 219.
  • She loves sushi.

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