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May Gordon is a reporter in Hollywood U. She first appears in two of Addison's dates, and later shows up in the main-story quest Out of the Woods.

Character's Backstory Edit

May is a reporter for the L.A. Biweekly. She seems to mainly write about gossip and other drama, real or otherwise. She shows up during multiple quests to pester characters with touchy questions.

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May Gordon is a pushy, gossipy, and sometimes, rude reporter who will go to great lengths to find a rumor.

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She has short curly black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and a wide smile. She wears the Level 1 Female Agent outfit.

Character Relationships Edit

Your Character Edit

It seems your character and May have an antagonistic relationship as May always snoops around to get gossip and seems to enjoy spreading the news of the problems or mishaps that occurs in your projects as well as the people involved with you such as Addison.

Addison Edit

May thinks of Addison as great material because of her affair. On your first date with Addison, she doggedly pursues Addison for comment on her relationship with Brian Ratzik, then when she meets your character at the wrap party for Clash at Sunset, she asks pointed questions yet again.

Mike Tanner Edit

While filming Centaurus Lost, May has a mole in the productions team and called out your character as an absentee producer. When your character, along with Desiree and Holly, followed Mike into her office; they were shocked to find May and Mike making out on her couch.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • As of the end of level 20, she has her own talk show called '30 Minutes'.
  • It's revealed that she has a relationship with Mike Tanner as of Net Profits.

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