This is the dorm where your Pop Stars (and other types that include the Pop Star trait) live.

Pop Star Dorm

Pop Star Dorm (level 1)

Pop Star Dorm upgraded

Pop Star Dorm (level 2)

Pop Star Dorm lvl 2 Halloween

Pop Star Dorm (level 2) Halloween version


Topping the charts! Equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio, bowls of sorted M&M's, and security staff to keep out your all-too-adoring fans.

More InformationEdit

  • Cost: 1st dorm is $1000, subsequent dorms increase in price by $1000
  • Capacity: 4 before upgrading, 5 after upgrading
  • Max Cash: $240 before upgrading, $1200 after upgrading
  • Time to Build: 6 hrs
  • Time to Upgrade: 1 day 12 hours
  • Cost to Upgrade: $90,000
  • Unlocked at: level 7
  • Upgrade unlocked at level: 17


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