Role Models is a help quest in the Hollywood 101 class. The Main Character is paired with a Model to learn the ways of modeling.


Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 Have the Model None $20
2 A Fashionista besides the MC

A Fashionista besides the MC

3 hours $20
3 MC

The Model

4 hours $20
4 A Make-Up Artist

A Director besides the MC

6 hours $20
5 Change the MC's hairstyle

Change the Model's hairstyle

Spend 50 cash

None 2 diamonds
6 MC wearing a Silver Screen Classic or Part Down Outfit 8 hours $20
7 Level the Model

Spend 100 cash

None 1 diamond
8 The Model wearing a Blue Bombshell or a Fade to Black outfit 12 hours 5 diamonds
  • After the completion of Part 6, Pick "Twerk" for 15 cash or "Flirt with Hunt" for 10 cash. And then turn Left for 15 cash.

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