Of course I do good work! I've spent the last two years helping Bianca look pretty. You think that's easy?
—Shae, Deadlines

Shae is a Makeup Artist. She was one of Bianca's friends, however, Bianca put her down the most. Though she can be rude and constantly agrees with Bianca, she is shown to have a nice side when she helps you during a quest.

Character's Backstory Edit

Shae is one of Bianca's ex-friends. She is a make-up artist. Not much is known about Shae except that she was In Bianca's Entourage. However, when she started dating Dean, Bianca blackmailed her to break up with him which turned into a fight between the two of them. She's now roommates with Holly and helps out your character as a make-up artist. Much like Addison's mother, Shae's mom is sick. Since her mom can't work, Shae became the family's provider.

Personality and Characteristics Edit

Although she's one of Bianca's friends, she can be kind, as shown in the Overshadowed quest. She also likes to criticize Lance Sergio, shown in the quest with Clash at Sunset, where Lance Sergio remnisces about Addison kissing up to Bianca and she says “Pot.Kettle.Black. Am I right?”


Shae has tan skin and black hair pulled to the side in a braid. She wears the level 25 make-up artist dress. She wears purple eyeliner and red lipstick. Shae also wears a gold necklace with her outfit.

In-Game Description Edit

With masterful make-up skills and a biting wit, Shae makes everyone look good, even while she's taking them down a peg. She doesn't befriend just anyone. Once you've earned her trust, you've gained more than just a source of everlasting blemish concealer... you've gained the fiercest of BFFs.

Character Relationships Edit

Bianca Stone Edit

Shae was part of Bianca's entourage and revealed she was her first and (most likely) only genuine friend. When Bianca blackmailed Shae to breakup with Dean in order to jeopardize the filming of Permanent Wound, she and Bianca had a fallout which resulted to Bianca kicking out her family from their house.

Jenni Whitman Edit

Jenni is Shae's ex friend and a member of Bianca's entourage.

Addison Sinclair Edit

Shae and Addison used to be friends before a scandal involving Brian Ratzik that caused Bianca to kick her out of her entourage.

Dean Edit

During the quest Out Of The WoodsDean says he isn't going to the wrap up party as he want to finish up some special effects. Shae questions and double checks his choice, hinting that the two might have befriended each other.

Later on, Dean and Shae start dating.

Fun Facts and Trivia Edit

  • When completing the make-up artist quest she helps the main character and your first make-up artist to complete a show after Bianca sabotages you. This is due to Bianca insulting make-up artists earlier in the quest.
  • Shae has a little sister named Melody.
  • It is revealed she was Bianca's first friend.
  • In high school she had a 4.0 GPA.
  • She is a big fan of the show "Trixie Teen Exorcist".
  • She can be recruited in the quest "Made-Up" which unlocks at level 15 for 400 diamonds for a limited time.

Photos Edit

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