The High Note is a big help quest in Hollywood 101. Your assignment this week is to break into teams to develop and manage a new musical act. Your goal is to reach as many fans as possible. Since this week is all about music, you quickly recruit the Pop Star to your team. They were once a member of the pop group Maple Sugar, the Canadian pop group phenomenon of 2012. Surely they know all about this kind of stuff?

The High Note

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards
1 The Pop Star 2 hours $20
2 Ethan


4 hours $20
3 Karaoke!


None 2 diamonds
4 A Level 3+ Wardrobe Designer

A Level 3+ Composer

6 hours $20
5 Anyone besides the Pop Star

Anyone besides the Pop Star

Anyone besides the Pop Star

8 hours $20
6 Level the Pop Star


None 2 diamonds
7 MC

The Pop Star

10 hours $20
8 The Pop Star at level 4+ 12 hours 4 diamonds

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