The Real Hollywood U is a help quest in the Hollywood 101 class. Your Character is paired with a Reality TV. The objective for this lesson is to learn about reality TV first hand by filming a show for the campus channel. you and the Reality TV are thrown together with Bianca and her posse for a series of wacky reality TV shenanigans. The last man standing gets $5,000!

Steps Edit

Part Requirements Duration Rewards


Reality TV

2 hours $20
2 Morning!



None 2 diamonds
3 Have 15 unlocked Plots


None $20
4 MC

Reality TV

6 hours $20
5 Level MC None $20
6 MC wearing a Blue Bombshell Outfit

Reality TV wearing a Blue Bombshell Outfit

8 hours 5 diamonds*
  • Choose "Split" to split the $5,000 with Reality TV (MC gain $2,500)
  • Choose "Steal" to get the full $5,000 for MC themselves.